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Restore Your Pavers & Hardscapes

About Pavercare Pros

Pavercare Pros was established after recognizing an urgent need for a knowledgeable, qualified, and passionate team to care for hardscape installations in the West Michigan area. With over 50 years combined experience in hardscape/landscape installation, we have a clear understanding of how these outdoor living spaces need to be cared for.

Your patios, walkways, retaining walls, water features as well as the landscapes that surround them are significant investments and they deserve to be treated as such. Our core focus is to connect with people through outdoor living spaces. Pavercare Pros is here to connect with you and protect your investment.

The Pavercare Process

Why Clean & Seal Your Pavers?

1. Evaluate
Our expert team will evaluate the structural and visual integrity of your pavers or retaining walls and discuss options for areas that may need attention.
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2. Level (Optional)
Sometimes pavers will settle due to poor installation practices, weather, or simply from years of hard use. Now is the time to address weaknesses in the base structure. We will pull up settled areas, repair the base structure, and then re-lay your pavers.
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3. Clean
Now that structural issues are behind us, it's time to clean! We will remove dirt, moss, stains, and weeds using methods tailored specifically to your application.
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In West Michigan, pavers are exposed to snow, ice, and heavy rain. This is in addition to the usual suspects of paver wear: foot traffic, weeds, stains, and accidental damage. Pavers occasionally sink unevenly and eventually crack due to poor base structure below them.

Having your pavers cleaned and sealed by a professional regularly will protect them from the elements and ensure your investment lasts for years to come. In addition to cleaning and sealing your pavers to make them look new, our technicians also replace the vital base structure using our own process. 

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