Selecting The Perfect Sand For Your Pavers

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Pavercare Pros use only the highest quality of jointing material – specifically, types of polymeric sand – when restoring your pavers. Our preferred products are by Techniseal, the company that developed polymeric sand in the early 2000s, and Gator Alliance, the company who continues to innovate its jointing materials.

Why Is Polymeric Sand Better Than Regular Sand?

Polymeric sand is superior to regular sand because it provides optimal joint stabilization, in addition to preventing weed growth, and insect infestations.

What’s Different About Polymeric Sand?

Jointing sand is made up of fine grains, to which manufacturers add a mixture of specific additive particles. When put in contact with water, this substance acts as an ultra-powerful bonding agent that strongly binds together concrete elements. This binding mixture securely holds concrete pavers and other hardscape materials together, making it more resistant to erosion. In this way, polymeric sand products increase the life expectancy of the installation.

Polymeric sand product joints are durable and even, thereby helping to prevent unsightly weed growth and ant infestation.

Aesthetic Value of Polymeric Sand

In addition to improving the structural integrity of paver joints, polymeric sand also enhances the beauty of a project by offering rich and varied colors.

Our partners at Technical offer more than 20 beautiful colors to match every type of paver. Our friends at Gator Alliance also offer a wide range of colors, and a color selection tool. Our projects are quoted based on the selection of one of four beautiful selections, but special orders can be accommodated by special request and estimate.

To see what different sand colors look like with your type of paver or stone, visit Gator Alliance’s Sand Selector widget here and then Contact us for a FREE Estimate!