What To Expect When You Seal Your Pavers

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First Off, Should I Seal My Pavers?

The decision to seal your pavers depends on the material and site conditions. To have the job done right requires understanding the properties of the product and your paver to avoid unintended outcomes.

Sealing your pavers is typically recommended to protect the investment you’ve made in your walks, patios, driveways, pool decks, retaining walls and other hardscapes.  A protective coat of sealant will not only protect the pavers, but it may also improve the drainage and help avoid eventual shift of pavers from water penetrating the foundation.

Many concrete products, as well as stone, are porous, which means over time they will hold onto dirt and grime. Sealing helps prevent erosion and protects against salt, staining and fading. Sealing also helps prevent the erosion of joint sand. Our high performance sealers create a protective finish that will restore the original depth of color, repel stains and deter surface deterioration.

For A Natural Look – Select a Matte Finish

This is a matte finish that keeps the material looking as close to it’s “raw” state as possible. It’s very effective at protecting pavers, concrete, natural stone and garden or retaining walls. This sealer is recommended in areas that need to be slip-free such as pool decks and sloped walks or drives. A matte finish is also recommended if you do not want to deepen the hues of your paver product.

For An Enriched Look – Select a Gloss Finish

A gloss finish sealer enhances color and simulates the look of wet pavers. It will enhance the full depth of the pavers color. This finish is the most effective in preventing stains from penetrating into the paver.

If you need help deciding whether or not your pavers should be sealed, and selecting the right product, Contact Us for a FREE Estimate!