Grand Rapids Area Paver Cleaning & Restoration

Pavercare Pros offer a full range of paver and hardscape cleaning and restoration services throughout West Michigan. Our experts understand the demands of modern landscape materials and how to preserve – or restore – the beauty of your investment. The average landscape installation job improves the value of your home by as much as 28%. Protect your investment – and your equity!

Paver Repair

After years of wear on your patios and walkways you may have a need for paver repair. Our experienced technicians can evaluate the problem and fix your pavers to look new again. Our technicians can:

  • Assess any failure points
  • Find any underlying cause for the shifting pavers
  • Fix any settling or shifting of pavers by repairing the base layer
  • Secure loose pavers
    Replace any broken or damaged pavers

Paver Cleaning

Proper cleaning of paver and hardscape material required the technical knowledge and techniques of landscape professionals to avoid damaging the surface or structural integrity. We use hot water surface cleaning techniques to clean and beautify pavers, stonework, hardscapes and more. Our process:

  • Removes dirt, debris, moss, mildew, stains, and weeds
  • Removes mold and mildew by utilizing hot water rather than harmful chemicals
  • Effectively cleans the surface and joints of your pavers without damaging the base below
  • Removes most types of stains
  • Extra treatment may be required for tough stains


Polymeric Sanding

Over time, sand joints in your pavers can become degraded, which can lead to structural problems in the future and exacerbate the intrusion of moss and weeds. We use high performance polymeric and Gator Alliance sand products for longevity, appearance, and durability to maintain your pavers or hardscape.

  • Joint sand is installed between pavers to restore the integrity of the interlocking paver system.
  • This provides stability to keep the stones from shifting under pressure
  • Re-sanding helps to prevent water from seeping underneath, and helps block pests and weeds.

Sealing or Re-Sealing

The decision to seal pavers and hardscapes depends on the type of material and desired finish. Many modern pavers today do not require sealing, so your project estimate will vary depending on your needs. However, there are many benefits to sealing including:

  • Color Enhancement
  • Protection from spills and stains
  • Protection from UV light, weather, and wear & tear
  • Keeping weeds out of paver joints
  • Hardening sand in between paver joints
  • Keeping your pavers looking like the day they were installed
  • Easier cleaning in the future

Revive Your Patio, Pavers & Hardscapes!

Contact us to get a site-specific estimate on paver cleaning and restoration in the Greater Grand Rapids/West Michigan area today.