About Us

About Us

About Pavercare Pros

Pavercare Pros was established after recognizing an urgent need for a knowledgeable, qualified, and passionate team to care for hardscape installations in the West Michigan area. With over 50 years combined experience in hardscape/landscape installation, we have a clear understanding of how these outdoor living spaces need to be cared for.

Your patios, walkways, retaining walls, water features as well as the landscapes that surround them are significant investments and they deserve to be treated as such. Our core focus is to connect with people through outdoor living spaces. Pavercare Pros is here to connect with you and protect your investment.

Choose Pavercare Pros to Protect & Restore Your Pavers & Hardscape

Greater Grand Rapids area weather can be HARD on your pavers and hardscapes! Don’t let winter, salt and moss interfere with your picture-perfect summer patio parties! Routine cleaning increases the longevity of your pavers. Revive and restore your pavers and hardscapes to enjoy your time outdoors!

• Pavercare Pros was founded by an expert landscape construction company so we understand the technical specifications of materials.

• Our technical knowledge enables us to offer complete, turn-key restoration services dependent on site conditions, from cleaning and resanding to sealing and stain removal.

Restore Your Pavers & Hardscape

With the leaders in West Michigan Paver Cleaning, Repair and Restoration.